CRUISE-IN with Top Winner Trophies & SWAP MEET
Date:     Saturday, August 15, 2015
Time:     8am - 3pm  (Gates Open at  8am)
Pre-Registeration:  No pre-registration in 2015 
Registration:  Fee $15.00
         Open at 8am through 11:30am Saturday, August 15, 2015 for Registration.

Gates Open at 8pm and we hope to wrap things up at approximately 2pm to 3:00pm (hopefully this will allow the participant and spectators to get headed home sooner in 2015 as we did in 2014.

We are changing things up a little in 2015.  As you know, each year we try to make changes according to what we receive in the surveys from the previous year(s).  In 2014, we changed the event to be a cruise-in with trophies awarded to the top winners in the groups.  The cruise-in is not limited to the cars and trucks in many cruise-ins.  We still want the cycles, tractors, small engines, rat rods, etc. to come out and have a great day.  Some people have told us that they love to come and just fellowship with other people that they have met throughout the years at our event.  This event is not just a car, truck, tractor, cycle, small engine, etc. event.  This event is to raise money for United Way of Davidson County.  The money goes to help others that are less fortunate than us.  Check out all of the agencies that are a part of United Way of Davidson County that the funds will go to help by clicking "
here".  You or a family member may have even been helped by one of the agencies.  There are a few things we will be changing but overall it will be the same.  We had a few that did not like the way things were done as per previous years but overall everyone seemed to like it better.
There will be top trophies given out.  Come out and be a part of our 2015 event.  If there is some thing that you see that you feel could be improved or something that you like, then please fill out the survey.  This is the best way to let us know how we can improve. 
We are having a combination of live and silent bids for 2015.  We will have some items as silent bid items and some that will be used for live bid items.  Some people like the live auction and some like the silent bid auction.  Also, this will not tie up so much time on the smaller items for the live auction.  Still working yearly to make it the best show possible.
We know that not everyone will be happy with the way we do things but we try to please all that we can.  This is were the survey sheets come in handy to let us know your thoughts.  Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey sheets.​
This is a rain or shine event, so come on out we will be here.  We will have food onsite. 
Our event has come and gone and oh what a day!  Thanks to all the people that came out and entered their beautiful, shiny, expensive and interesting vehicles, cycles, tractors and small engines.  It is for sure that you spend many hours taking care of and shining the entries.  I am sure that you are very proud of them and each of them deserve a trophy, but that would not be possible and if there was a trophy for each entry then where would the competition be in it all.  So we had 22 top picks and 8 special awards. 
We greatly appreciate your time in coming to the event and allowing us to be able to ​enjoy your entry.